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2 min readMar 19, 2021
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In the last few years, e-commerce has become an crucial part of the global retail foundation. Consumers spent nearly $862.12 billion dollars online in 2020, a 44% increase year over year. E-Commerce is bound to be the future.

Within E-Commerce there are many different business models that can be implemented. A well known business model being “Drop-Shipping” where the merchant only purchases the item until the consumer does.

Luca Netz is known as the King Of Shopify . Luca Netz has done a astonishing $50+ million in revenue from his eCommerce businesses that sell trendy, relatable, and quality products that go viral. Using social media as his digital marketing tool, he has found a way to dominate his niche in a way few others have.

Luca got his start early. He was just a teen when he had dropped out high-school to join the workforce. Growing up in a very unfortunate situation Luca was not given opportunities but crafted his own. He knew how powerful social media and eCommerce was as an advertising tool, seeing the startup Ring formally known as “Door-Bot” go from a million dollar to billion dollar enterprise.

At the very start of Luca’s journey he decided to drop-ship jewelry using influencers. Luca faced many struggles along his journey. He sent thousands and thousands of emails hoping be given a chance. Although he faced many failures, Luca’s ability to persevere and never gave up allowed him to harness his full potential & reach success.

One of his first successful ventures was with Supreme Patty, a influencer with a following of 6 Million on Instagram. Luca had created a branded Shopify store where he had multiple trendy & viral products, such as the infamous “Clout Goggles” or “PaddyPods”.

Having done millions & millions of dollars in sales Luca knew he wanted better for himself and others. Luca wanted to enable others on the road of success just like himself. On December 21st 2020, Luca launched NetzCommerce. Everything that made Luca successful was in the courses he launched from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Influencer. The access of this information opens the door to make millions from the comfort of one’s home.

Luca’s edge is being able to identify the potential that even his competitors are unaware of existing. Luca has a vision and insight that allows him to beat out the best of his competition, cementing his success in eCommerce.

Being just 22 years old, we are bound to see much more success from Luca in the coming years. You can follow along on his journey by checking out his Instagram page or his upcoming brand GamerGear.



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